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The Bult Police Station

Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of Commerce has taken it upon themselves to ensure a better and safer Potchefstroom. In the previous few months the Chamber has taken the time to evaluate crime assaults, sexual assaults and safety incidents on The Bult. According to reports and statistics the need for a safer Bult has arisen among the community and especially students and therefore the Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of Commerce has taken hands with the local Police Station, the community and businesses to implement a strategy to prevent and reduce crime on The Bult.

The Bult was once known as the pride of Potchefstroom, where anyone of the community and students could go freely to shop and spend times with friends and family. Now, it is seen as one of the most dangerous hang-out spots in Potchefstroom due to all the crime, sexual assault, assault, and vandalism.

Community Police Station Initiative:

Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of Commerce, together with the local Police Station, has decided upon a Community Police Station that will be implemented on The Bult. In order for this to happen, the Chamber has implemented initiatives to raise funds to cover all the necessary expenses.

Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of Commerce

The Trolly Project

One of the Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of Commerce goals, is to help develop Potch and the Tlokwe area into a beautiful home for its residents. We know that the community and especially our members, want to contribute to this cause, but does not always know how or where to begin. Hence, the Trolly Project was born.

For only R300 per month, we give the business a trolly, branded with their own corporate identity in order to create awareness, but also to help clean up the area around their office space. This initiative is widely supported and is a huge success to keep our town clean and beautiful.

Get your own Trollie?

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